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Grooming Price List
Full grooms include: relaxing bath with two specialised shampoos and optional conditioning treatment. Blow dry and full body style to suit your canine's character and lifestyle. Ear cleaning and nail trimming if needed. 

The price list serves as a guide only. Grooming cost will take in to consideration breed, coat type, level of maintenance, the type of style and the behaviour of the dog. Guests showing signs of aggression or that are highly stressed during their groom will be booked out extra time to safely perform the groom and a fee added for this time. Please message if you would like to know the price of an unlisted breed. 

De-matting: to comply with the Animal Welfare Act legislation, any coat that requires more than 15 minutes brushing is considered unnecessary stress and I would only offer to clip off the coat. Any coat that is not in a well maintained condition will be charged an extra fee. for the extra time and risk involved in removing a matted coat.

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