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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

The Emmi Pet is a ultra sonic tooth brush that is specifically designed for dogs. It works by using high frequency ultrasonic waves to soften and break down the build up of plaque and tartar. It is silent and non vibrating, making it more of a comfortable experience for our canines. It's a effective tool in maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing health issues. Reaching 12mm deep into the gums, it also promotes good gum health as well as teeth. 

Suitable candidates for this service is dogs with light to moderate plaque and tartar build up with a co operative temperament. Heavy build up, receding gum lines, red or sore gums and abnormalities will be advised for a vet check. We may need written vet approval before we can proceed with a maintenance plan in place if there is any of these concerns. This is not a substitute for veterinary treatment, but a great way to prevent issues leading to expensive veterinary care in the future. 

  • Completed Emmi Pet training

  • Completed Oral & Dental Health in Dogs & Cats course

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